17.05. Self-sufficiency of critical raw materials in the EU: Lithium mining in Portugal

We are starting the third event in our five-part series “Global and Development Issues in Resource Justice”. Our third lecture is about: “Self-sufficiency in critical raw materials in the EU: lithium mining in Portugal”.  This talk will take place online on 17.05.2022 at 7:45pm.

Lithium has become an important raw material used in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries for decades. Despite concerns about irreversible environmental damage and negative impacts on local populations, licenses have also been granted to explore for lithium in certain areas of Portugal. The light metal is mainly found in the salt deserts of South America, but Portugal has the largest deposits in Europe. However, there is fierce opposition to lithium mining in civil society.

Speaker of the event is Pedro Santos, Quercus (Portugal).

Participation in the event is free of charge. Registration is not necessary.

This lecture series is a cooperation project with  SEBIT  and Oscar Choque – expert promoter for natural resource policy, development and migration and member of  AYNI Verein für Ressorcengerechtigkeit e.V.

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