Welcome to the Website of the Fachschaftsrat 3

We, the Faculty Council of the Faculty 3 welcome you on our website!

Hopefully we can provide some useful information, but don’t hesitate to visit us in our office at Meißer Bau. Alternatively you can always write a mail:  fsr3@stura.tu-freiberg.de

Important: The FSR3 is not responsible for the matriculation process and therefore cannot provide any information whatsoever regarding your application. For that purpose please contact the “Zentrale Studienberatung” or “Fachstudienberatung”.  See https://tu-freiberg.de/en/studies/study-programmes for further details.

Left to right, up to down:

Tabea, Tim Jesicca, Ruben, Stefanie, Nele, Pauline, Jule, Celine

The Faculty Council of the Faculty 3 consists of nine members, elected by students of the Faculty 3. Volunteers wanted! 

Name Studiengang Position
Nele Peglow BGÖK 1st chairman
Ruben Wahlefeld BGM 2nd chairman
Jessica Weise BGM 1st finance officer
Tabea Kubutat BGM 2nd finance officer 
Judith Leonhardt BGÖK Event team
Pauline Beringer BGÖK Event team
Celine Kowanda BGM Event team
Tim Otto MaG public relations 
Stefanie Schoppenhauer MaG public relations