About Us

That’s us!

Left to right, up to down:

Tabea, Tim Jesicca, Ruben, Stefanie, Nele, Pauline, Jule, Celine

The Faculty Council of the Faculty 3 consists of nine members, elected by students of the Faculty 3. Volunteers wanted!

Name Studiengang Position
Nele Peglow BGÖK 1st chairman
Ruben Wahlefeld BGM 2nd chairman
Jessica Weise BGM 1st finance officer
Tabea Kubutat BGM 2nd finance officer 
Judith Leonhardt BGÖK Event team
Pauline Beringer BGÖK Event team
Celine Kowanda BGM Event team
Tim Otto MaG public relations 
Stefanie Schoppenhauer MaG public relations


FSR Office, ground floor, Meißer-Bau


Meetings take place every Thusday from 12:45pm to 1:45 pm, additionally our office is staffed Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12:45pm to 1:45 pm.


As a faculty council, we are elected by the students of the Faculty 3.  One legislature lasts for one year, but there is no limit how many terms one can serve. The faculty council takes care of the interests of the students of its faculty. The organisation of events is probably the most visible of these tasks. You have certainly attended some of them in the course of the last semesters, be it get-to-know-each-other evenings for freshmen, sports activities, team-building measures, challenges for loners or simply relaxing with a cool beer. But mediation between students and teachers is also important. Whatever problems arise in teaching, the respective FSR is the first point of contact. In addition to the usual tasks that serve for internal organisation (meetings, minutes, finances), the members naturally also continue their education in the context of national exchange (student council meetings).


Here you can find our  rules of procedure.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate, visit or write us: fsr3@stunet.tu-freiberg.de