The FSR3 consists of 9 elected members, but volunteers are welcome to help any time.

name major position
Elisabeth Täschner BGM chairwoman
Inge Eckert BGÖK 2nd chairwoman,
event team
Robert Giese GTB 1st financiers
Tobias Günther GTB 2nd financiers
Felix Hirsch BGM event team
Daniel Opfer BGM event team
Hannes Brückner GTB event team
public relations
Luna Giers BGÖK public relations
Paul Stammwitz GTB public relations

Where you can find us:

Our office is on ground floor of the Otto-Meißer-Bau. Currently we are not regularly in our office. If you have any questions you can write an e-mail.

When do we meet:

At the moment we meet every monday at 8 pm on BBB. For further informations please take a look at the uni-mail.
The current BBB-room is linked down below:
If you have anything to share with us please don’t hesitate and write an email to fsr3@stura.tu-freiberg.de.

What do we do:

As a faculty council, we are elected by the students of the Faculty 3.  One legislature lasts for one year, but there is no limit how many terms one can serve. The faculty council takes care of the interests of the students of its faculty. The organisation of events is probably the most visible of these tasks. You have certainly attended some of them in the course of the last semesters, be it get-to-know-each-other evenings for freshmen, sports activities, team-building measures, challenges for loners or simply relaxing with a cool beer. But mediation between students and teachers is also important. Whatever problems arise in teaching, the respective FSR is the first point of contact. In addition to the usual tasks that serve for internal organisation (meetings, minutes, finances), the members naturally also continue their education in the context of national exchange (student council meetings).

Here you can find our  rules of procedure.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate, visit or write us: fsr3@stura.tu-freiberg.de 

Working in a student council comes with responsibilities

   Direct responsibilities:

      • organise and moderate FSR meeting
      • write invitation to FSR meeting
      • outline others members tasks and planned deadlines
      • validate meetings protocols and forwarded them to StuRa
      • write reviews for former members
      • organise invitation to the constitution meeting

   Indirect responsibilities:

      • keep an overview of upcoming events
      • follow-up ongoing tasks and ensure they are completed on time
      • if no other members have time, the chair does the work
      • overview of activities during a committee year

   Overview of the legislature:

      • events: summer festival, Nawi Cup, students’ uni, Night of the Sciences, campus days, first-week barbecue (october) at Reiche Zeche, first-week barbecue of all faculties, street party, interactive advent calendar, Barbara celebration, New Year’s bowling, semester opening barbecue
      • others: inventory (October and May), order geo-set materials (hammer, protection glasses, field books, hydrochloric acid in september), attend StuRa meetings, elections (senate in december and FSRs in may)
Deputy Chair
    • replace the Chair when absent
    • check hard drive status
    • perform regular Data Backup
    • write meetings protocols
    • assist the Chair by achieving delegated tasks
    • monitor and manage financial incomes and payments
    • prepare application for finance request, fee contracts, cash payment orders and mission
    • applications
    • secure funds for events organisation
    • manage funds before/during/after events
    • administration of incoming donations
    • keep digital and analogue records of incomes and payment in GnuCash and in the financial file
    • prepare budget and complementary budget
    • report regularly to Stura financiers and clarify any issues
    • for financial applications with large amounts of money, a visit to the relevant Stura meeting is necessary to answer any questions that may arise
    • comply with the financial regulations of the Sturas
    • management and inventory
    • administration of FSR e-mail and communicate with students, professors
    • write information e-mail on Unirundmails platform
    • manage publication on FSR blog and website
    • transfer job offers / excursions, … information to the students
    • write dponsor request to companies – for advertising material/support or events
    • print advertising materials (e.g. posters for events)
    • design event posters
    • planning of event dates and accommodation (arrangement with FSR, other events, location, …)
    • plan activities of events – what needs to be organised (security, music (band, DJ, technology), helpers, barbecue, tickets, advertising, …)
    • estimate food and drinks to be ordered (by comparing it with the amounts of the last few years)
    • prepare a financial plan to give the financiers an overview of the approximate costs of the event
    • planning the course of the evening (dividing shifts, assembly, dismantling, finding helpers, delivery of drinks, food, …)
    • day of the event: shopping, set-up, accept delivery, have an overview of the event/procedure, …)
    • evaluate after the event (what was good, what was bad, what can be improved, …)