02. May 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

Webinars for students

Dear students,
the StuRa has organized webinars, which will take place weekly and should help you to start the new semester:

Webinar for first semester students to get to know each other and socializing (DE)
Date: 05.05.2020 (weekly)
Time: 12:30-14:00
Room: BigBlueButton, Room 3-4

Webinar for freshmen students to get to know and socialize
Date: 06.05.2020 (weekly)
Time: 1-2 p.m.
Room: BigBlueButton, room 3-4

Webinar for students for self-organisation
Date: 07.05.2020 (weekly)
Time: 12:30-14:00
Room: BigBlueButton, Room 3-4

We would be pleased if you take advantage of this offer and use the opportunity to network with fellow students, FSR and StuRa members.

19. April 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

digital meeting

Dear students,
on monday, the 20.04.2020 at 8 p.m., a digital meeting with the FSR 3 will be held on BigBlueButton, most likely in room 3.3. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, state your problems or just have a little chat with us.
We are looking forward to your active participation,
your FSR 3

19. April 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

Changes in the FSR elections

The planned course of the FSR elections is influenced by the late start of the attendance time. Here you can find the latest changes at a glance:

  • The registration period for the elections will be postponed. As a result, forms already submitted for candidacy will lose their validity and must be submitted again at a later date!
  • The election committee is currently working on an election that can also be held in Corona times.

We will keep you informed about the current events regarding the elections on our website and via the Instagram account.

19. April 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

FSR3 pullover and t-shirts

Dear students,
the FSR3 asked for interest in t-shirts and sweaters with faculty logo some time ago. Due to the current situation the order of the T-shirts and sweaters will unfortunately be postponed until the beginning of the attendance time at the earliest. Therefore we have to keep you waiting.
We ask for your understanding.
Your FSR3

19. April 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

Start of digital summer semester

Dear students of faculty 3,
The digital summer semester started on April 6th. Unfortunately, at the current time we do not know whether the presence lectures can begin in May. For this reason, we are dependent on digital courses offered by the university. We from the FSR 3 would like to know now, are you able to handle the offered material? Do you need some help? Have you encountered fundamental problems such as platform overload, missing information or teaching material? Where is it already going well, where not yet? Please share this information with us so that we can find a solution together and make your semester as easy as possible during these times. If there are any problems, please send us the name of the module and the corresponding lecturer. All feedback will be treated confidentially. You can simply send us an email to and we will then contact you.
For a successful and above all healthy summer semester.
Your FSR 3

14. March 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

FSR-office is closed

Our office will be closed until further notice. You can still contakt us

The currently most important questions about the Coronavirus and its effects on university operations are answered at

28. February 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

FSR3 ist looking for new members

Are you interested in what′s going on at your university? You like to stand up for others and organize parties?
Then you are ideally suited to be nominated for the FSR (3).

Your tasks include:
-on the one hand, planning and organizing events and parties for you and your fellow students, so that there is something going on in Freiberg that you like
-On the other hand, you take care of students′ problems and mediate between the student body and the TUBAF faculty.

If you also don′t want all these things to get lost, then contact the StuRa office until 15. 04. 2020.

We urgently need support and a nice committee semester beckons.
If you would like to get to know the FSR and its tasks, please visit our meetings.
An introductory coffee drink for interested people is planned for 8.4.

10. January 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

Student representatives evening “Geotechnics and Mining” 16.01.2020

Also this year the course of studies “Geotechnics and Mining” invites all party-enthusiasts to the Tivoli! Be there when the GtB firsts are tested for their performance and are accepted into the student body with the legendary ass-leather jump. DJ Tammi alias Dr. Tamáskovics, Prof. Reich with his Cramer Band and after midnight DEEJAY MR.RGR.

Tickets are available in advance in the New Mensa on Tuesday (14.01.), Wednesday (15.01.) and Thursday (16.01.) from 12:00 to 14:00 o’clock. Or on 16.01. from 22:00 o’clock at the box office of the Tivoli.

07. January 2020 – Stefanie Schoppenhauer

New Year’s Bowling

Dear students,

if you are in the mood for the somewhat different kind of procrastination, want to strengthen your winning spirit or just want to have fun with your friends, then come to our New Year’s Bowling.
Your team should consist of a maximum of 8 people, of which at least 2 are from the faculty 3.

When?: Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Where? Old Town Bowling Freiberg
Starting fee: 2 € per person
There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The registration (group name, participant name, desired playing time) can be sent to us by e-mail ( until Sunday, 12. 01. 2019.

Your FSR 3