important contacts

Useful Contacts

Student Office

You can contact the Students’ Office for all matters concerning registration and exam administration.

Contact person: Mrs Merz

Contact details:

Phone Number: +49 3731 39-2267


Address: University main building, Akademiestrasse 6, Rooms 11


Advisory Service

The Education Officers will provide you with information on course-curriculum contents and contact person for your degree programmes. Furthermore, they will advise and inform you about the structure and course of studies.

Contact person: Mrs Docekal

Contact details:

Phone Number: +49 3731 39-2059


Address: Otto-Meisser-Bau, Gustav-Zeuner-Strasse 12, room 118


University Counselling – Representative of the Senate for Students with Disabilities

You can contact the representatives if you have any questions about compensating for disadvantages, establishing contacts with teachers, advice centres and administration

Contact person: Dr. Gert Schmidt

Contact details:

Phone number: +49 (0)3731 39-3524


Address: Agricolastraße 17, Gartenhäuschen, First floor


Student Union Services: Office for Social and Cultural Services

The representatives will guide you through internal and external counselling centres and dormitories for person with handicap

Contact person: Cornelia Kneip

Contact details:

Phone Number: +49 (0)3731 38-3202


Address: Alte Mensa, Petersstraße 5, Social counselling office room (First floor)


Student Union Services: Psychosocial counselling Office

The psycho-social counselling service offers individual counselling and organise regular workshops.

Contact person: Pia Kindermann

Contact details:

Phone Number: +49 (0)3731 383207


Address: Alte Mensa, Petersstraße 5, Social counselling office room (First floor


Student Council – Social Counselling

The representatives provide advice on special aspects of the Federal Training Assistance Act, social law and university law. Students with handicap can contact „Study with disabilities working group“ to have contact, advice for compensation regarding their disabilities and aids available.

Contact person: Representatives of the Student Council of TU Freiberg Department of Social Affairs, Study with disabilities working group

Contact details:

Phone Number: +49 (0)3731 39-3447



Address: Library “Georgius Agricola” Agricolastraße 10, StuRa Office


Student Union Services

Student Union Service deals with social, economic and cultural concerns of students. This includes financing their studies (BAföG), food and drink (canteen and cafeteria), study with children, culture and events and international affairs.

Contact details:

Address: Studentenwerk Freiberg, Agricolastraße 14-16