10. August 2019 – Lukas Eichinger Allgemein, Report

Schools at university – Day 5

The Tech-Week came to an end with a field trip to Clausnitz, where the “Bergland eG” showed us their farm. They try to close the carbon circle as good as possible within their company. They use wind energy, produce the food for their cows completly on their fields (not self explainig with and use the cow dung to supply the biogas plant. The gained Energy (heat and electricity) is used for the buildings on the farm. And the sideproducts of the biogas plant, the fermentation residues, are used for fertilizing the fields.

Besides the process engineering part of the sturctures at the Bergland eG, one of the board members told us a lot about the reality of the forestery, agriculture and livestock farming, with some advices for the students what should be improved in everybody’s life to help the nature. Ususally you don’t see and hear such problems first hand, so it was an astonishing field trip.

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