14. Sep 2016

Inquiry to all students from India

Verfasst von Torsten Mayer in Allgemein, Incomings


The Embassy of India in Berlin wants to create a database of students/student researchers of India/Indian origin doing their studies or research in Germany. All students from India are asked to support this project.

The aim of this database is to:

  1. Communicate important information from the Indian Mission/Consulates in Germany pertaining to Indian Students
  2. Alert Indian students of the various scams/hacking of telephones and emails
  3. Disseminate information and advisory on topics of interest and importance with regard to the life and integration.
  4. Help in getting in touch with persons concerned in case of emergency or need
  5. Update students on events at the Embassy and Consulates 6. Facilitate Student Welfare

The registration in the database is free. To register please follow the url www.indianembassy.de, click on the link “Registration of Indian Students/Researchers” or the button “Student Registration” and fill in the details requested.