16. Okt 2018

Research in the Arctic Region – Arctic Floating University Expedition

Verfasst von Michaela Luft in Allgemein, Outgoings, Sommerschulen, Stipendien, summer school

From 22 June to 11 July 2019 a marine research and education expedition takes part in the Arctic region of Russia. The expedition consists of a research and an educational programme. The Programme focuses on bachelor, master, PhD students and scientists. All expeditions are carried out on the research vessel “Professor Molchanov”. Deadline for application: 15 December 2018. For further information see the organizer’s website on https://narfu.ru/en/research/expeditions/fu/. Participants can apply for funding through the PROMOS scholarship programme. Due to the duration of this programme, funding can only be 775 EUR maximum.