Freiberg you can live in…

1. Dormitory

Female student in a student apartment, sitting on a bed while reading a bookTo get a room in the dormitories of the Student Services Office (Studentenwerk Freiberg) please apply as early as possible by using the online application form at the website of Studentenwerk Freiberg (Student Union) (click on “Application for admission” in the right column).

Since most of the buildings are located on campus you can reach the faculty buildings with it’s lecture halls, the library and the canteen on foot. The monthly cost is 180 – 250 Euros per person plus utilities. The monthly rent includes services costs and a landline internet connection.

Deposit and advance payment

A deposit is an amount of money that a tenant has to leave as security when renting a flat.
The deposit is returned after the end of the tenancy.
If necessary, the landlord has the right to use the deposit to repair damage at the rented property caused by the tenant.

At the Student Services Office Freiberg (Studentenwerk Freiberg) a deposit of € 450 must be paid for accommodation in a student hall of residence.

Even before arriving from abroad, a sum of money must be paid to reserve a room in a student residence. Tenants will receive a payment request with the necessary bank account details by e-mail with the confirmation from the Studentenwerk Freiberg.

For more information please visit the website of the Student Services Office.

Duration of the rental contract, termination

The Studentenwerk Freiberg regularly concludes rental contracts for the duration of one semester (six months). However, it is also possible to limit the term of a rental contract, for example for Erasmus students who do not stay in Freiberg until the end of a semester. This must be notified at the beginning of the semester when the rental contract is signed and is associated with higher costs.

Legally speaking, all rental contracts with the Studentenwerk Freiberg are limited-term contracts. As a result, they cannot be terminated before the end date in the contract. The statutory period of notice of eight weeks does not apply to fixed-term rental contracts.

According to the law, there is the right to an extraordinary termination of the tenancy agreement for serious reasons. The Studentenwerk decides on this on a case-by-case basis (“case-by-case decision”, i.e. there is no regulated procedure and no application form). Should you therefore have to terminate your rental contract with the Studentenwerk Freiberg prematurely, please contact the dormitory administration as early as possible and ask whether and under which conditions this is possible.

Internet connection in the hall of residence

In all dormitories there is a wired internet connection to the fast data line of TU Bergakademie Freiberg.
The connection must be activated by the responsible house administrator (see the notice in the showcase of your dorm or online at
The registration of your internet connection takes place with the preparation of the rental contract in the office of your administrator. You will receive a signed form which you must forward to your house administrator.
The cost of using the internet connection is included in the rent.

Tip: The preparation of a tenancy agreement takes place during office hours in the dormitory administration which will be closed at the weekend. If you are arriving at the weekend and would like immediate internet access, apply for guest access with your responsible contact person in the dormitory administration in advance. Also bring your own Ethernet network cable (patch cable, CAT6; see picture) or  WiFi router. The price for a simple WiFi router starts at 16 euros.

Two blue ethernet cables, the square plugs at the cable ends are clearly visibleThe internet connections in the dormitories are wired. You will need such a network cable (Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable) to connect your computer or your WiFi router, which you also have to bring yourself.

Termination of a rental contract to the end of the semester

The Studentenwerk automatically extends the rental contracts of students who study at TU BAF for several semesters to the end of a semester. The tenant does not have to actively apply for this extension. However, if the tenant wishes to move out at the end of the semester and thus terminate the lease, the following things must be observed:

  • The tenant has the right to terminate the tenancy until 3 months before the end of the semester in written form.
  • The aforementioned period of 3 months does not therefore mean that a tenancy agreement with the Studentenwerk Freiberg can be terminated before the end of the semester. In any case, the duration of the tenancy as stipulated in the tenancy agreement, which is usually the same as the end of the semester, applies.

Further information

2. Private accommodation

In Freiberg there are different private landlords. These include housing cooperatives which mainly rent apartments in newly constructed high-rise buildings in the districts of Wasserberg and Friedeburg. There are also real estate companies. In the district of Bahnhofsvorstadt, students will find mainly apartment buildings from the Wilhelminian period. Finally, there are private individual landlords, i.e. owners of real estate, who offer individual apartments at various locations within the city area.

Find a flat in Freiberg with a private housing provider

Renting a flat – Important things to know

  • Indication of the rental price: The rental price is divided into basic rent and rent including utilities. The latter is the actual rent you have to expect every month.
  • The costs for electricity and for the provision of a fixed network Internet connection are usually not included in the total rent (see also below)
  • Utilities or service charges: usually lower than the cost of the basic rent, these costs include the cost of drinking water, waste water, hot water and heating, waste disposal and – if applicable – the cost of cleaning the corridors and staircase
  • Costs for electricity: as a rule, the tenant must conclude a separate contract with a provider of his choice (e.g. “Stadtwerke Freiberg”)
  • Costs for a fixed network Internet connection: As a rule, the tenant must conclude a separate contract with a provider of his choice (e.g. Vodafone, O2, Pyur).
  • Security deposit: A tenant usually has to pay a security deposit at the beginning of the lease. The amount of the deposit is usually higher than a rent including utilities or two times the amount of two basic rents
  • Rental contract with a fixed duration (e. g. for two years): Please think carefully before signing it. The statutory termination period of three months does not apply to such rental agreements, as it is assumed that the determination of a certain rental period is made by mutual agreement between tenant and landlord. The contract is binding and suspends the statutory period of notice of three months.

Rental companies in Freiberg

For short stays we recommend the register of accomodation for hotels and guesthouses in the Freiberg area.

Weblinks: Online portals for accommodation

Apartment offers for shorter stays

Finding a short term accommodation

3. Support in finding accommodation

You have tried but you haven’t been able to find accommodation in Freiberg? – In this case you can contact us by writing to the e-mail address . We will assist you by sending offers which we know of.

4. Living at a student dorm – An illustrated dictionary

Cover of the brochure; the hand drawn illustration shows 4 students with luggage in front of a 3-storey building with a red roofCleaning plan, flooding in the bathroom or residual waste bin: This dictionary presents everyday situations in the student residence hall – with illustrations and vocabulary in the three languages German, English and Chinese. It is intended to help international students to orientate themselves in their new surroundings and to feel at home as quickly as possible. Download the 28 pages brochure from the website of Deutsches Studentenwerk: