Blog der Universitätsbibliothek (UB) der TU Bergakademie Freiberg

02. October 2023 – Heike Schwarz

Discover the new university library

How mapongo helps you find your way around and find books fast!

Welcome to the new university library! The new library is an impressive building that offers many possibilities. But it can also quickly become overwhelming to find your way around it, and especially to find the locations of needed literature.

That’s where mapongo comes in: the orientation guide for our library. The building visualization allows users to virtually experience the library and better orient themselves. The 3D views are designed to give an overview of the three reading rooms, shelf locations, different types of workstations, carrels, and more.

In addition, mapongo will facilitate the search for individual media. The location of the media you are looking for is directly linked to our library catalog. By clicking on the link “Shelf location”, mapongo will display the shelf area of the media you are looking for.

mapongo is a company from Cottbus and is one of the renowned providers in the segment of 3D building information systems.

Start your discovery tour on tu-freiberg.mapongo.de now!