Blog der Universitätsbibliothek (UB) der TU Bergakademie Freiberg

05. October 2023 – Heike Schwarz

Wardrobe & Bags / Food & Drink

Before entering the reading rooms, please lock jackets and coats as well as bags, backpacks and the like in one of the lockers on the 1st floor.

Our new baskets can be used for transporting work materials and books.

Before using the lockers for the first time, the student or user card must be activated at the circulation desk.

The lockers are locked and opened with the student or user card and are only intended for the duration of the stay in the University Library.
They must be vacated daily, no later than the closing time of the University Library.

Although there is a café and a self-service coffee machine on the ground floor, eating and drinking is not allowed in the library.
Water in transparent, sealable bottles is excepted.