Our Research

The EcoRespira-Amazon project is largely defined by the following research questions ‚Äď and their implications:

  • What are soil respiration (ecosystem respiration) rates in the Amazon basin?
  • Does soil respiration change after deforestation and change of land cover? If so, how?
  • Is there a relationship between soil carbon and nitrogen pools and respiration fluxes?
  • How do those pools and the respiration rates relate to comparable land-cover types outside of the inner wet tropics?
  • What does soil respiration in the Amazon reveal about organic matter turnover rates and are those results in line with previous independent studies?
  • How does the pedogeochemistry look like in the Amazon basin?
  • Does the geochemical composition of the different soils at the intended sites and transects show rather narrow distribution?
  • Are there unusual element concentrations in certain major, minor or trace elements?
  • Can we discern between soil microbial and fungal (Mycorrhiza) activity?
  • How do the new data compare to older ones, e.g. by Georg Irion?