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Fachschaftsrat 2

Fachschaftsrat 2

der Fakultät für Chemie und Physik


Welcome to the website of the Student Representative Council from Faculty 2!

Here you will find information on upcoming and past events, tips for everyday university life and other useful details about things that are important at our university.

You can contact us by email or you can drop our next meeting or come to one of our office hours.

The office hours will take place every monday and wednesday between 12:45 til 13:45 in our office.

The next meeting will be on May 23, 2022, from 0:45 p.m. in office of the FSR 2 in the Clemens-Winkler-Bau.

We can be reached via our e-mail address: fsr2intern@chemlist.tu-freiberg.de


Fachschaftsrat 2

Leipziger Straße 29

09599 Freiberg

Tel / Fax: 03731/39 – 2834


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