Blog der Universitätsbibliothek (UB) der TU Bergakademie Freiberg

09. October 2023 – Heike Schwarz

What else is new with us?

  • Regalfront gegenüber des Ausleih- und Informationsbereiches / Shelf front opposite the lending and information area

A large shelf front stretches across from the lending and information area and can boast new services.

Most workstations are equipped with electricity, yet we also offer 64 lockable compartments for charging laptops, tablets or smartphones.
The locker key is charged to the user account when it is issued at the circulation desk. The loan period is two calendar days and cannot be extended.

Media that are ready to be picked up and have been reserved by you no longer have to be picked up at the circulation desk. For this purpose, there is now the self-collection shelf, right next to the stacks.
The media are sorted according to the respective user number and can be borrowed directly at the self-check-out terminals even after our service hours.

The printed daily newspapers have also found their new place on the shelf. With a view of the greenery, these can be read on the spot, in the newly furnished reading corner.
Older issues can be requested from colleagues at the circulation desk or information desk.

On this shelf we also offer discarded literature, which is no longer current, for a small price. If you are interested in buying these media, you can pay at the counter and then take them with you.