07. March 2023 – Lars Oelschläger Milestone plan

Forecast for March

Internet access, self-service portal, web presence, time recording

In march, we try to recover the remaining IT-Services. Unfortunately, in some cases, the estimation of the time frame is very vague.

Cloud (NextCloud)

When: End of March / beginning of April

The cloud is based on several of our services. Thus the recommissioning is only possible once the preparations are finished

Internet Access/Clean Networks

When: Mid/end of March

As soon as a freshly installed computer is connected to a clean network, most service are accessible again.

  • Internet access
  • E-Mail: Webmail Horde and Webowa Exchange
  • Home drive and ZFS1 network drives
  • Ticket System (Agent- and Customerportal)
  • All further services that require the new password

Ticket system

When: End of March

The customer and agent portal is currently still running with the old credentials. As soon as we have put the system into the new AD, the login will be done with the new central password.


When: Open

For the VPN access, a 2-factor authentication system is in preparation. It can be expected in the end of February/beginning of March at the earliest, and will enable remote work among other things.


When: Open

Information will be provided temporarily on tubaf.org.

On the emergency PCs in the isolation network, aswell as in the clean network, the old Website (date of 17.1) is accessible.

Time recording systems

When: to be determined

Employees will be informed about the date of the recommissioning of the time recording system.