The projects listed here are currently being carried out by AG Umwelt. In addition to these projects, there have been many other projects organized by the AG Umwelt in recent years. You can find them in the archive.

If you like one of the projects listed here, come to one of our meetings to make a difference with your energy and new ideas.

⇒ Current projects:

Film screening: ??

The film series of the AG Umwelt is a screening of a somewhat different kind. We show environmentally related films in loose order, which bring obvious facts to light. The AG Umwelt and the films have only one goal: We want to make people think!

Lecture series:

Our lecture series is divided into various lectures and subsequent discussions on eco-social topics. We invite speakers from different fields to discuss and exchange ideas with us and you.

Recycling paper sale: ♻️

To provide you with enough paper for the semester, we sell recycled paper in the cafeteria at the beginning of the semester. In addition to printer paper, you can also stock up on college blocks. In cooperation with the FairKauf Ladencafe there is always a booth with treats and Fair Trade coffee.

Clothing and plant exchange: ??

Instead of disposing of your old clothes in old clothes containers (where they rarely end up with needy people – more below: Utopia), you can also exchange them with others at one of our clothing exchange markets. The condition is of course that your clothes have no holes and are not damaged.

Besides exchanging clothes you can also bring offshoots and plants and exchange them with others.