Leveraging on the prospects of environment and social governance in mining as a pathway for attaining sustainable developement in Africa

Africa is a powerhouse for strategic mineral and other natural resources that are of global interest. Their sustainable extraction and use are therefore key to ensure sustainable development in the host countries or least the local communities where these resources are found. However, this has not been the African story after decades of minerals extraction, exports, revenue generation and use. Cases of public uprising against mining companies because of social, environmental and health reasons continue to occur. Some are due to severe environmental degradations, mine collapse, lack of physical infrastructure for host communities, increased living standards, and low human resource capacity development opportunities for improved livelihood. But majority of the companies that currently invest and extract these resources in Africa are foreign multinational firms with global recognition and high rating. Indeed, they have well crafted policies that are supposed to foster sustainable raw materials and implement their Corporate Social Responsibilities to ensure development. Whilst the respective resource host countries also have in place guidelines and laws for managing their resources.

Nevertheless, huge setbacks surrounding the mining sector exist. The question of whether mineral resources truly offer prosperity to countries having them, therefore, requires critical reassessments in the African contest. This session helps explores the existing environment and social governance (ESG) systems pertaining to mining in Africa, examine community expectations and realities to mineral investments, assess prevailing mineral governance shortfalls, suggest potential solutions, and share lessons for future improvement.

Vorträge / Presentation

  • Where does the mineral revenues of Africa’s mineral rich countries go to? And how can the continent flee from the natural resource curse syndrome? Mrs. Hannah Wang’ombe (Chief Executive Officer at the Association for Women in Energy and Extractives in Kenya)
  • The negative environmental and social impacts of mining despite the massive human and technological resources availability in the 21st Are the governing resource extraction regulations not good enough? How are institutions adapting to the call for sustainability? Prof. Antione Mulaba (University of Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Managing the high expectations of mineral host communities to resource investments, and stakeholder engagement towards the achievement of sustainable development of mining communities. Mr. Stephen W. K. Mensah (Mining and Community Development Consultant, Ghana)
  • Strategies to enhance the derived benefits from Africa’s abundant natural resource and projected huge revenues as a pathway for championing sustainable development. Prof. Stella Maduema (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)
Datum: 9. Juni 2023, 13:45 – 15:45 Uh, Central European Time (CET)
Ort: online
Sprache: Englisch
Leitung / Chairperson: Ing. Martin Kofi Mensah / Dr. Kristina Wopat
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