About us

Welcome to the blog of the Career Center at TU Bergakademie Freiberg!

Seeking career entry. Finding a career.

As a central service facility at TU Bergakademie Freiberg under the umbrella of the Graduate and Research Academy, we are the point of contact for…

…students and alumni preparing for their career entry. Are you looking for the right job? Why not visit the career fair ORTE! There you’ll also find the companies participating in the upcoming fair.

…potential employers searching for future talents. Would you like to participate as an exhibitor at the next career fair ORTE on June 25, 2024? Then contact Mrs. Constanze Schulze () and reserve your spot!


The Team

Dr. Kristina Wopat
Director of the Graduate and Research Academy (Graduierten- und Forschungsakademie GraFA)
Pr├╝ferstra├če 2, room 2.409
Telephone +49 3731 39 3026


Constanze Schulze | Diploma in Business Administration
Seminars and Lectures, Events
Pr├╝ferstra├če 2, room 2.406
Telephone +49 3731 39 3302


Frances Fr├Âhlich | Certified Office Manager (Chamber of Commerce)
Accounting & Financial Management, Jobwall
Pr├╝ferstra├če 2, room 2.405
Telephone +49 3731 39 3390


Manuel Rothenberger
Organization of the Career Fair ORTE, Consultations, Networking
Pr├╝ferstra├če 2, room 2.403
Telephone +49 3731 39 3027