Research Into Use (RIU) Workshop

Monday, June 05, 2017. A 1-day workshop presents key results of EcoRespira-Amazon. Everyone interested is welcome. Here is the preliminary programme:

08:30: Introduction and welcome notes
09:30: Characteristics and ecosystem services of the Amazon region
10:00: Meteorology and climatology of the Amazon basin
10:30: Coffee break
11:00: EcoRespira-Amazon: Project philosophy
11:30: EcoRespira-Amazon: Project methodology
12:00: Group discussion
12:30: Lunch break
14:00: Soil physics and implications
14:20: Soil humidity and pH
14:40: Soil chemistry and dynamics
15:10: Soil and ecosystem respiration
15:40: Coffee break
16:00: Biomass dynamics
16:30: The destination is important, not the trail to get there: A new model
17:00: Final group discussion

Please indicate your interest in participation to Dr. Cintia Rodrigues de Souza

We look forward to welcoming you in Manaus.