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Fachschaftsrat 2

Fachschaftsrat 2

der Fakultät für Chemie, Physik und Biowissenschaften

FSR 2 shop

You can buy lab coats and safety goggles from us. We also sell t-shirts, hoodies and zippers with Faculty and University logos. For a short time now, embroidered smocks can also be ordered from us.

Just write us an email. Everything is not always available, but it can be ordered.

Embroidered lab coats

We offer you the opportunity to have newly purchased lab coats embroidered with the University logo (price 20,00 €). The size of the blue embroidery is 7 cm.


photo with dressed gowns embroidered with TU logo

Lab coats and safety goggles

We sell lab coats and protective goggles for everyday university life primarily every year in the winter semester at the information exchange. But for the rest of the year, you can always buy lab coats from us for 14 € each and protective goggles at a price of up to 3,50 € each.


Have you seen fellow students in a sweater, jacket or T-shirt with the logo of the Student Representative Council from Faculty 2 printed on them and you want to call such a top your own? Then just take a look at the collection catalogue and place your order online. At the moment our collection catalogue is closed.