Lunchbag Seminar: Climate System and Climate Change

Every Wednesday 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm you can attend the Lunchbag Seminar about Climate System and Climate Change.

Regardless of your professional background, you are invited to take part and join in the discussion.

In short lecture blocks, we will look at the Earth and climate system, paleoclimatic and current developments as well as non-linear interactions and feedbacks.
We will explore the boundaries between physical reality and societal decision-making.
decision-making. Individual examples will underpin the basis with specific examples of particular regions and disciplines.

Further information and lecture notes can be found on OPAL

AG Umwelt First Meeting

You are interested in nature, environment and climate protection and would like to bring these topics closer to other students and interested people? Then take a look at the AG Umwelt! We organize lectures, movie nights and other cool events to make a small contribution to education.

In the coming winter semester, we will focus on the topics of waste separation, nutrition and green campus (flowering meadows, mowing concepts). If these topics interest you or if you want to contribute with completely new suggestions, feel free to come by!

On 10/23/2013 is our first open meeting starts at 4pm in the new library. Meet downstairs at the entrance!
We look forward to seeing you!

No advertising – stickers

We have created “no advertising stickers” for you, so you can keep unnecessary advertising away from your mailboxes.  This contributes to the reduce of paper waste. You can simply save the embedded stickers as PNG’s. Not every “no advertsing sticker” states the same thing, the general sticker should prevent the delivery of leaflets, but free … Read more