Recent accomplishments (status November 26, 2016)

With this date, and thanks to Claudia Malz, Cornelius Oertel, Elvira Rüdiger, Kamal Zurba, Karin Volkmann, Thomas Drauschke, Thurit Tschöpe and Ulrike Fischer, all geochemical data (from lithium to uranium) have been quantified in all mineral soil samples from the first campaign. A manuscript is in preparation. Claudia, Heidrun Kodym and Kamal Zurba are also to be thanked for finishing all soil respiration measurements (quantification of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) from the second campaign. Again, a manuscript is in preparation. It will include the meteo data during the sampling campaign, with another big thank you to Andrea Malheiros Ramos from INMET (Brazilian National Weather Service in Brasília), who provided a thorough analysis of meteorological boundary conditions in the basin during the first and second campaigns.
Sample aliquots also went to microbiologist Michael Schlömann and his team from TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The group will try to identify microbial communities and species with the aim to target possibly differences between forest sites and post-forest land use. Another set of aliquots is with Frank Keppler and his group at Heidelberg university for carbon isotopic studies. The first results are in and we tare working on interpretation and special tasks for the forthcoming sampling campaign.