Second field campaign successfully finished

Another five weeks of tough fieldwork, almost 6000 kilometres this time not under water but as a dust bath for a change. The drought conditions, particularly in southern Amazonas state, are severe already – ad the dry season is not over. Following the severe drought events of 2005, 2010 and 2015 (the latter strongly influenced by El Nino), 2016 might become another record season.

For us, it was amazing to learn how different both the forested and the post-forest land-cover areas feel and behave in the dry season – and how intense and severe this seasonal difference can be. For data and results, check the project pages in more detail. We keep updating as the processed material comes in.

At this point a big Thank You to the field crew with Carolin Schroeder, Gilvan,Coimbra Martins, Roberval Monteiro Bezzera de Lima, Sophie von Fromm and Thomas Drauschke.