Rural Women Industrialization Centre (RUWIC) Foundation

By Melvice Ngalle Epede

What project idea did you generate or nurture during your time in EMPOWER program?

I developed a project called “RURAL WOMEN INDUSTRIALIZATION CENTRE – RUWIC Foundation” for Sustainable Development in Cameroon.

The whole idea is to Empower women especially widows and school dropout girls through various pieces of training to embark on agriculture as a profitable business via corporate farming and permaculture practice by mixed vegetable/fruits cultivation for the community. Tubers (e.g. cassava) and grains (e.g. maize) cultivation for processing and marketing can be nurtured by the community.

What lasting memories do you associate with your time in EMPOWER program?

Through this program, I am bold enough to see and carry myself as an “entrepreneur” whilst I was purely a scientific researcher at TU BAF.

What is the current status of your EMPOWER project?

Still at an initial stage. So far, I have been able to support a dropout girl who is also a single mother with three kids in Nkikoh village. We helped with the installation of solar panels in her home and society sees her now differently (i.e. treating with more respect). As soon as I begin the implementation phase of my project, she will be one of those who will teach and train others.

What is the next phase of your project?

We are currently soliciting support for the implementation of the project. As soon as I have the opportunity to visit my home country, I hope that first my project idea will be registered as a Common Initiative Group (CIG) at the local level.

What internal and external contacts did you build throughout your time in EMPOWER program?

Many organizations, such as CIM/GIZ, Startsite, SOLARLY, SAXEED, Shisasay, Shisásáy e.V. – Aktiv in Cameroon – Verein, are interested in my project and have shown willingness to work with us in various capacities.

What is your motivation for joining this EMPOWER project?

Building capacity for project development and enhancing my home country.

Will you tell us your life motto at the end?


Which elements of EMPOWER training do you find most helpful?

I would portray EMPOWER output as “Networking and teamwork makes the dream work”.