‚EMPOWER Virtual Conference 2021‘ is an initiative of the Good Governance and Entrepreneurship program (EMPOWER) TU Freiberg, which aims at engaging young international researchers, (through training and seminars on relevant skills) on key development issues confronting less-developed countries in a fast-changing world. The conference serves as a platform for the multiplication and networking of development agents, especially doctoral students in Sachsen, who are willing to use their doctoral research and available development networks here in Germany to make a change in different parts of the less-developed world, especially their home countries.

The conference will be held on Friday, 9th of April 2021, from 12pm to 5pm. It is planned for 200 participants, mostly young (especially international) doctoral candidates in Germany, willing to know more about, and/or team up with different EMPOWER developmental projects.

The conference is FREE for all participants and will feature:

•Keynote presentations from Development Experts
•Presentation of all EMPOWER development projects
•Interactive session
•Networking and incorporation of interested partner(s)
We encourage you to use the below link to reserve your place FREE OF CHARGE:


Conference brochure: