Environmental Sustainability Advocates (EnviSA)

by Precious Okoroafor


What project idea did you generate or nurture during your time in EMPOWER program?

I engaged in environmental advocacy programs in Enugu State Nigeria. I held seminars on different environmental topics, creating awareness of the need for environmental protection. I co-convened a one-day symposium on promoting environmental sustainability and protection, with relevant government officials, environmental organizations, and members of the public as participants. Suggestions on environmental protection while developing Enugu were made by the different speakers at the event, with the government officials present accepting to make changes where necessary. Also, my advocacy programs led to the birth of a student organization called Environmental Sustainability Advocates (EnviSA) and they are currently engaging in environmental programs towards environmental protection in Enugu and environs.

What lasting memories do you associate with your time in EMPOWER program?

Well, the training on time planning, self-development, and project management are few of my memorable sessions. The exchange and fertilization of ideas at the EMPOWER is a add-on.

What is the current status of your EMPOWER project?

A part of the project is finished but the student environmental club will continue their activities for the nearest foreseeable future.

What is the next phase of your project?

Basically, acting as a mentor to the environmental sustainability club.

What internal and external contacts did you build throughout your time in EMPOWER program?

The network of fellow EMPOWER members, trainers, and organizations that could fund project ideas that they find worthy of funding. Also, a network of organizations that could provide support for ideas that are community development oriented.

What is your motivation for joining this EMPOWER project?

Gaining knowledge and expanding my network for the sole aim of promoting sustainable development in society.

Will you tell us your life motto at the end?

Live a life that can be said to be a collection of actions geared towards making the world a better place.

Which elements of EMPOWER training do you find most helpful?

The training and appraisal of projects by EMPOWER members.