Classification scenarios

There are 6 classification scenarios embedded within OFT presenting different aspects of a Natura 2000 site classification:

  • land cover
  • main vegetation categories / alkali sub-habitats
  • alkali vegetation associations
  • anthropogenic features and disturbances
  • trees and shrubs
  • invasive species

Site overview map with clickable regions of interest

 Every scenario is shown on an overview map, with pre-defined regions of interest marked as clickable rectangles. Clicking a region of interest opens a detailed view page with different visualizations of the area, presented in a much more detailed resolution (in this case 0.5 m pixel size), or other detail pages – depending on the type of region. Overview map in every scenario is shown using different color schemes – to make scenarios more visually distinctive.

Training & reference data

Samples of ground-truth data including photos collected during field work campaigns are shown.

Input rasters – FWF-ALS / LiDAR derivatives

For areas of interest samples of all input rasters with ALS derivatives / variables are presented. These are the rasters derived from full wave-form ALS sensor data, which – together with reference data – form the main input for the classifier.

List of class structure

This display shows class structure of a scenario with class names and identification numbers, colors used to represent respective class on map renderings, and optionally a percentage of cover of a given class within a map fragment (or global site area).