Consortium partners

Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF), Germany is the oldest mining university in the world, founded in 1765. Research activities of the Biology/Ecology Unit at theInterdisciplinary Environmental Centre focus on conservation biology, nation-wide animal monitoring, causes of endangerment for selected animal species, sustainability indicators for nature protection, endangered vegetation of artificial pools dating from mining activities and ecosystem succession and restoration in the open-cast mining area in Lusatia (East Saxony, Germany) and Vietnam. Project Tasks: Coordination, Habitat Site Selection, Habitat Mapping and Evaluation, Interpretation Keys, Comparison Airborne and Field Work Data, Dissemination of Results.

The Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (IPF), Vienna University of Technology, Austria belongs to the Faculty for Mathematics and Geoinformation. It provides education in photogrammetry, remote sensing and laser scanning. Within ChangeHabitats 2 the IPF is in charge of research concerning the retrieval of Natura 2000 habitat parameters using correlations of airborne laser scanning data and conventional ecological field mapping. Project Tasks: Data Quality and Formats, Aerial Data Collection, GIS Maps, Aerial Data Processing, Error Analysis and Data Quality.

TUW-EUFS, Vienna University of Technology, Austria: The EU Research Support Unit is the interface between the University and external partners providing assistance for FP6 and FP7 on a partner level, assistance is provided for institutes from research and industry seeking cooperation with Vienna University of Technology. Additionally, EUFS supports project consortia in project administration, legal issues and accounting and acts as local mobility centre within the ERA-MORE Initiative. Project Tasks: Contractual and legal matters, Dissemination of Results, Management of contracts, Marie Curie Mobility Issues.

University of Debrecen (Debreceni Egyetem), Hungary employs 7000 experts with more than 1700 professors and researchers. Modern methods (Remote Sensing, Environmental and GIS modelling) are vital in research on land use and soil utilisation. Department of Water and Environmental Management works on environmental technology, soil and water quality, environmental management (integrated management systems, total quality management), informatics (remote sensing and environmental models), land use. Project Tasks: Data Quality and Data Formats, Site Selection, Aerial Data Collection (Hyperspectral Data), Correlations Habitats and Aerial Data and Habitat Modelling.

VITUKI, Budapest, Hungary was founded in 1952 on the basis of the Hydrologic Institute to perform for the Hungarian Water Management both basic and applied research, as well as studies related to the development, conservation and sound management of water resources of the country. Integrated with the Hungarian Hydrological Service established in 1886 and supported by hydraulic, hydro-machinery, hydro-chemical, hydro-biological and soil mechanical laboratories; equipment, instrumentation and computer facilities, VITUKI has emerged as one of the most complex water-oriented full-service professional organisations in Europe. Project Tasks: Aerial Data Collection in Hungary, Digital Height Models, Comparison Aerial to Field Data with Specific Emphasis on Watershed Modelling, Dissemination of Results.

YGGDRASIL Dr. Rahner, Berlin, Germany: Consulting, Service and Research in Geology, Working on national and cross-boundary projects. Geological surveys, Sanitation and Renaturation of abandoned mining and industrial sites, historical investigations via airborne photos on abandoned industrial sites and on contamination potential. Furthermore, YGGDRASIL Dr. Rahner is specialised in trainings for professionals, topics comprise Environmental Management, Project Management and Time Management of international and EU-Projects. Project Tasks: Project Management, Questionnaires and Data Quality, Cost/Time comparison Dissemination.

YGGDRASIL Diemer, Berlin, Germany is an engineering group of scientists in the field of geology, biology and landscape planning. It is proliferate in risk assessment with respect to habitat changes due to human activities, using GIS, GPS survey, database transfer and visualisation techniques. The radius of work comprises Germany and the neighbouring countries. Project Tasks: Habitat survey by ground field techniques, evaluation of habitat structures.

ATMOTERM S.A., Opole, Poland  is an environmental software development and consulting company that provides services to public administration and business. ATMOTERM helps to make important decisions, which are essential for companies and institutions in effective strategic planning and environmental protection. Project Tasks: Next-User Specification Requirements, Data Processing, Error Analysis Setup and Update Project Public Website.

RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems, Horn,, Austria has nearly 30 years of experience in research, development, and production of laser radar measurement devices and systems. Its staff comprises more than 90 graduated engineers, technicians, and other highly qualified persons. The R&D group consists of 35 technicians. The rest works in production, marketing & sales, training and administration. Project Tasks: Next User Specification Requirements and Data Quality, Aerial Data Collection.