25. Mai 2020 – Oliver Löwe Wissen

MetGrow calculator webtool

The MetGrow calculator webtool https://app.metgrowplus.eu/ is intended to support decision-making by mines, mining technology developers, recyclers and politicians, among others.

A user can enter a raw material and assess its downstream options at local waste and energy prices.

“The potential of low-grade ores, wastes and side streams is now easier to discern as we know the kind of metal concentrations they have and which methods are suitable for recovering those metals. Even a smaller side stream from a large mine or metallurgical plant can prove to be a significant business for another company,” Paivi Kinnunen, VTT coordinator of the MetGrow+ project, said in a media release.

Project : https://www.mining.com/metgrow-project-looks-at-metals-recovery/


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