29. Mai 2020 – Oliver Löwe Wissen

Popigai-Meteoritenkrater enthält extraharte Diamanten

„Popigai Astroblem area in North Siberia (111° 11′ E; 71° 39′ N), and thought that the small planet hit the Earth 35 Ma ago. In the meteorite crater, they discovered a large-scale diamond deposit. According to their estimation, the diamond reserves would be about 1012 karats, which is the ten times of the global reserves, and could satisfy the future requirements for 3000 years. The hardness of impact diamonds is two times than that of common diamonds. However, the above estimation should be checked by deep exploration. “

„The Tectonics and Metallogenesis of Asia“
https://bit.ly/36Gm1M6 (Zugriff via VPN  oder mit Shibboleth)


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