11. June 2020 – Franziska Boy Doctoral hats

Dr. Moncef Bouaziz – Freiberg PhD Stories

  • Year of doctorate: 2012
  • Subject: Environmental Engineering
  • Current occupation: Assistant Professor
  • Current employer: University of Sfax, Tunisia

Doctoral Studies

  • In Freiberg I have learned for life:

No matter how much clouds darken the sky, the sun will shine again.

  • That has been my field of research:

Remote sensing and modelling for land degradation

  • This is put on my doctoral hat/mortarboard:

A satellite and the earth

  • If I were a Ph.D. student again, I would …

do my best to stay in Freiberg.


  • This is very special for me about the Bergakademie:

My friends (Dr. Adam Szulc, Remy Lefeuvre, Dr. Heni Ben Amor) and the “Länder-Stammtisch”

  • Whenever I think about Freiberg, I think of …

the nice-funny time in the Mensa and also of the Obermarkt and the Untermarkt.

And then …

  • For the future I wish:

TU Bergakademie Freiberg one the eleven elite “Universities of Excellence”. And I wish to come back to Freiberg.