Machine manufacturers

Machine manufacturers“Looking back on more than 20 years of working in the industrial sector, I can hardly imagine another branch of industry that requires as much creativity, yet at the same time offers as much leeway in decision-making as mechanical engineering for raw material processing. As varied as the deposits and their environmental conditions are, as unique are the demands on the machines.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Lieberwirth, Director of the Institute of Mineral Processing Machines (IAM)

Whether you like to communicate with other people, or rather work undisturbed and focused on the computer, whether you like to travel to the most remote places in the world and get to explore new cultures, or rather spend your evenings with family and friends on a regular basis:

A modern engineering company is successful precisely because of the diversity of its employees!

The communicative sales engineer, who develops creative solutions for the customer, is just as important as the excellent designer, who devises reliable machines. Various other careers, for example in project management, in the purchasing or assembly department, or in service, are also possible. German manufacturers of processing machines, through innovation and creativity, rank among the world market leaders in their respective field – whether it is a family business or a large corporation. In all likelihood, you can also find such a “hidden campion” operating in your own neighborhood, that is looking for an employee just like you!

Here you can find some interviews (in German) on career prospects at manufacturers of processing machines (links to Youtube-videos):

Youtube Interview Florian Festge IAM TU FreibergDipl.-Kfm. Florian Festge
Chairman of the association of friends and supporters of the IAM

  • 1994 ‑ 2000: Business administration studies at the TU Dresden, specializing in production & marketing
  • Since 2014: Personally liable general manager of the HAVER & BOECKER OHG in Oelde

Youtube Interview Dr. Harald Günter IAM TU FreibergDr.-Ing. Harald Günter

  • 1971 ‑ 1975: Mechanical engineering studies, with a specialization in mineral processing machines
  • 1975 ‑ 1980: PhD candidate, PhD thesis on the topic of “Investigations into the wear behavior of metallic tribological pairings taking into account the effect of abrasive intermediates”
  • Since 1995: General manager of the Köppern Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH & Co.KG in Freiberg

Youtube Interview Dr. Jens Löwe IAM TU FreibergDr.-Ing. Jens Löwe

  • 1983 ‑ 1988: Mechanical engineering studies, subject specialization in mineral processing machines
  • 1988 ‑ 1992: PhD candidate, PhD thesis on the topic of „Design of vibration tube mills for the finest dry comminution of mineral substances.“
  • Since 1994: Regional sales manager of the SBM Mineral Processing GmbH in Oberweis, Austria

Youtube Interview Dr. Falk Silbermann IAM TU FreibergDr.-Ing. Falk Silbermann

  • 1992 ‑ 1998: Process engineering studies, specializing in mineral processing machines
  • 1999 ‑ 2003: PhD candidate at the Institute of Mineral Processing Machines (IAM) on the topic of „Contribution to the modeling of the operation of cone crushers concerning the material flow“
  • 2003 ‑ 2014: Sales engineer in the field of comminution technology at the former Thyssenkrupp Fördertechnik GmbH
  • Since 2014: Head of R&D in the field of mineral processing at the Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG in Beckum