10. September 2015 – Mirjam Janowitz Allgemein

SAP MOOC: Sustainability and Business Innovation


SAP offers a free online-course on “Sustainability and Business Innovation”. SAP is a large business software company and widely regarded as a global sustainability leader. The course covers key learnings from the sustainability journey of SAP and its customers. For example:

  • How companies go beyond philanthropy and environmentalism to drive significant business value from sustainability
  • How more sustainable practices create innovation, competitive advantage, reduce risk and cost as well as drive growth
  • How to articulate, embed and execute a sustainable strategy at the company in which you are or will be working
  • How to build the business case and how to sell it to executives

The course covers best practices in sustainability, from strategy, to business cases, business processes, engagement and reporting. It is free of charge and takes place from September 9 until October 29, 2015. Upon successful completion participants will receive a record of achievement from SAP.

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