26. Mai 2016 – Alena Fröde Allgemein, Promotion, Veranstaltungen

1. Freiberger Promovierendenkonferenz


With the 1st Freiberger Promovierendenkonferenz the first interdisciplinary symposium for PhD candidates from all faculties at TUBAF will take place. The event is planned by ProRat and GraFA and is meant for

  • Interdisciplinary scientific exchange
  • Get to know other PhD candidates from different fields
  • Integration of all PhD candidates

After an epistemic keynote speech, which will give you impulses for your own scientific work, presentations and a postersession will allow a broad insight in the variety of research at TUBAF.

It would be great if we meet there!

Link: http://tu-freiberg.de/prorat/upcoming-events/freiberger-promovierendenkonferenz