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4th Freiberger PhD-Conference: Sustainability – Your research – our world at the 70th BHT – Freiberger Universitätsforum (06.06.2019)

The outcome of our research can never be seen as being fully detached from our social surrounding. We invite you to actively participate in this year‘s PhD conference organised by the PhD council of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg together with the PhD councils of the universities in Dresden, Leipzig, Halle and Jena, which all are organised within the ‚Verbund Mitteldeutscher Promovierendenvertretungen‘ (VMPV), as a part of BHT Freiberg within the Forum of young Scientists. After an introduction to the topic by our keynote speaker, we plan talks of 15 minutes with additional 5 minutes for questions.

All PhD students are invited to give a talk on their research ideally including some thoughts about the role of social responsibility in their work. If possible, the talks should be related to the BHT topic ‚Sustainable Processes for Innovative Material Design‘. However, the talks are not only limited to these areas – every topic is welcome. The conference language will be English in general. However, if someone prefers to hold her or his talk in German, this is also allowed.

There is also an opportunity to contribute posters, which can be discussed within the coffee breaks. Please register with a title and an abstract of your presentation. At the end of each session, there will be a summarising discussion of the talks in the session which will be used to give feedback to the speakers. These will provide an opportunity for people from different fields to network and plan possible future collaborations.

We will finish the day with a BBQ so that you can further exchange your experiences with PhD candidates from different fields.

Abstract deadline: 30.04.2019
Send us your abstract to: info@prorat.tu-freiberg.de

More Information here and here.