01. Februar 2022 – Corina Dunger Allgemein

Scholarships for doctoral candidates from Heinrich-Böll-Foundation

The Heinrich Böll Foundation supports young people through scholarship funding (generally including a maintenance grant, study and research grant, foreign study grant, mobility allowance, family allowance, and other categories). In addition, we promote the scholarship recipients in their personal development, help them to gain cross-disciplinary qualifications and enhance their key competences, encourage political debate and attention to social issues, and nurture interdisciplinary dialogue. In particular, we support the scholarship recipients in taking their own initiatives and organising their own work, and give them a wide range of
opportunities to participate in decision-making.

We offer:

  • A programme of events including summer academy («Campus»)
  • specialised events in the field of political and civic education
  • workshops to enhance key skills; gender and diversity training courses
  • study groups for scholarship recipients, ad hoc meetings, university groups
  • networking meetings for alumni

Application deadlines are 1 March or 1 September 2022.

More detailed information you may find on the website of the Heinrich Böll Foundation or this Flyer.