26. September 2022 – Martin Kofi Mensah Allgemein


Dear International PhD Students,

  • Are you willing to improve your leadership qualities and be guided in developing project ideas toward global sustainable development goals? Do you know that you can achieve this while doing your PhD smoothly?

Yes, by signing up for GraFA’s two-year EMPOWER  program, you can have the opportunity to work with your fellow PhD students and renowned experts whilst benefiting from our excellent coaching and mentorship services. This is a practice oriented training programme

At the end of this program, successful participants would acquire future competency skills through teamwork and the creation of sustainable projects. Additionally, you will be groomed to become better leaders, efficient in conflict management, and improved their communication and team-building competencies. 

Pre-selection requirements

Prospective applicants must, amongst others, satisfy some of the criteria below.

  • Must have two (2) or more years before finishing their PhD programme
  • Can be someone who comes from a developing or conflict-affected country or where dictatorship exists.
  • Can be someone who comes from an indigenous tribe/group in a developed country and wants to contribute to the conservation of their cultures.
  • Must show higher desire and commitment to make a change beyond their PhD studies.
  • More women with the desire to cause positive change in society are very well encouraged to apply.

This program starts on November 17th, 2022, and only a limited number of people shall be admitted to this special course upon application. Please kindly note that we do not give direct financing to you in setting up your future projects after your training session. However, capacities for developing your ideas and networking with potential collaborators are assured.

Are you interested already, or that you are uncertain? Do not worry; apply and get the chance to visit our optional warm-up event on 2nd November (15:30 – 17:30 CET) at the GraFA conference room, where interested candidates and Empower Alumni will meet and interact before the final selection.

Applications are open from now until 2nd November 2022 . To apply, send your motivation letter , enrollment certificate, reference letter from your supervisor and CV to the Program Coordinator at

For more information visit our website.

Call or visit our office;

Martin Kofi Mensah
Prüferstr. 2, room 2.403
Telephone +493731 393370

Your chance to make an impact in society is now!