20. February 2018 – Manuela Thiel General

Welcome to our project: “Erzgebirge – new landscape, new opportunities”

Energy turnaround, fossil-fuel phase-out, generation of renewable electricity – what does all this have to do with my region? To answer this question, the cross-border, further education project “Ore Mountains – new landscape, new opportunities” has been initiated. It is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) until August 2020.

Our goals:

We want you to get interested in the topics of environment and energy!

Very important in that regard:

Process engineering!

Process engineering makes it possible to harness energy with the highest degree of efficiency while at the same time conserving the environment and exploiting positive synergies.

We want to sensitize and inspire you for these topics. With us, you can learn how electricity really comes into the socket, how an environmentally friendly circular economy can work or what happens in a biogas plant.

And what do you have to do for it?

Just visit one of our numerous events for pupils and students as part of our further education project “Ore Mountains – new landscape, new opportunities” and get inspired.

On this blog we keep you informed about our current offers and events. Enjoy browsing!

  • Biogas plant
    Biogas plant

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