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16. December 2022 – Katina Krell

Winter project day at the IEC

On December 14, we had the pleasure to welcome the Gymnasium Altenberg and the BSZ Plauen in snow-covered Freiberg for the end of the year.

The total of 28 students got to the bottom of exciting questions about the future during our workshop on the carbon cycle and tested their knowledge in various quiz rounds.

In the subsequent lecture on plant design and the supplementary tour of our large-scale test facilities, supported by employees of our industrial partner Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz (CAC), the participants gained an insight into the varied everyday life of an engineer.

So far this year, almost 500 students have explored our institute. We are very pleased about the great interest in our topics and offers!

02. December 2022 – Katina Krell

German-Czech Project Day at IEC

A special highlight this year was the German-Czech project day on November 30. Students from Gymnasium Burgstädt and Plauen got to know students from the Educhem-Gymnasium in Litvinov/Czech Republic on a cross-border knowledge tour.

The 70 potential young scientists went through a diverse program of lectures, workshops and various guided tours in groups during the day at the IEC. These included our workshop on the carbon cycle, our carbon discovery trail, and tours of our laboratories and large-scale experimental facilities. Communication among each other was smoothly handled in English. All in all, the day met with lively interest from all participants not only in the technical aspects, but also in the cross-border encounters.

We hope to see one or the other face again soon – then as students in the lecture hall.

27. October 2022 – Katina Krell

“Querbeet” Week 2022 at the IEC

What will tomorrow’s energy supply look like? How is sustainable fuel created? How can electromobility be implemented in a meaningful way? And what does “carbon cycle” actually mean?

We were able to bring these and other exciting questions closer to twelve students on October 25 as part of this year’s “Querbeet” Week at the IEC. From investigations of synthetic fuels in the laboratory, to applied computational models for sustainable chemical processes, to the real process in our large-scale test facilities, the participants were able to gain an insight into the diverse field of work of an engineer.

Would you also like to try out what it feels like to be a student and look over the shoulders of our scientists? – Then join us at the next Pupils University during the summer vacation!



14. October 2022 – Katina Krell

Project days with future at IEC

This month, in autumnal Freiberg, we welcomed two schools to the IEC for a project day.

On October 11, 2022, the Gymnasium Dresden-Plauen was our guest and was introduced the topics of our institute by our presentation “Alternative Fuels”. Afterwards, the 22 students had the opportunity to prove their knowledge in our energy quiz. The day was rounded off with a guided tour of our large-scale test facilities.

Just one day later, we welcomed 15 students from the Gymnasium Marienberg . In the lecture “Fuels of tomorrow”, all participants were able to take a look at the future of mobility. The subsequent “carbon knowledge tour” along our carbon trail presented both the carbon problem and the solution-oriented technologies we are researching here at the institute.

Overall, all participants were able to gain an impression of the major problems of today, but at the same time the possible solutions of tomorrow.

If your school is still looking for a suitable destination for your project day, please contact us! We can also offer you a suitable program.


15. July 2022 – Katina Krell

Last school week – visit at IEC

The technical Gymnasium BSZ Plauen used the last school week before the summer vacations for an excursion to the IEC on July 13, 2022.

After the ten students including their teachers were welcomed and received at the institute by Sindy Bauersfeld at 10 a.m., the day started with a lecture by Florian Keller on the topic “Alternative Fuels”. Afterwards, the group of students was accompanied by Michaela Scheithauer on the “carbon knowledge journey” and visited our FlexiSlag test facility (slag bath gasifier). After lunch in our Mensa, our guests were given a campus tour at the end of the day, which rounded off the day in Freiberg perfectly.

You would like to visit us, too? Just write to us!