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19. February 2020 – Katina Krell

Girls Day 2020 – your way into the future!

Are you passionate about technology and want to face the problems of the future? Here is the right thing for you!

March 26th, 2020 is Girls Day – on that day, girls will get to know jobs in technology, IT, handicrafts and sciences. They are going to take a look around at companies or discover courses in the fields of science and technology at universities like TU Freiberg.

On this occassion, we woud like to take you on a journey into the diverse world of process engineering. We clarify questions like: What is process engineering anyway? Which research topics are relevant at the moment, which kind of jobs are possible, how is the course of studies? You will be able to talk to female engineers at the institute and actively join exciting experiments. And the best of all: we have prepared something very special for you in the end – you can be excited!

Register and come to our institute. You will find everything about the program and registration here.

So why leave it to men? Take your chance!

02. February 2020 – Katina Krell

Carbon – curse or blessing? Our discovery trail explains it!

Heads are put together, ideas are exchanged, facts are researched – we at the IEC are planning something special for you. Until April 25, 2020 an educational trail is going to be created at our institute at Reiche Zeche as part of the Saxon State Exhibition.

The “Carbon Discovery Trail” describes what carbon is, what role it plays in our lives and why it is necessary to rethink its future use. It deals with topics such as plastics, fuels, energy and  environment, which you get to know with the help of interactive elements. You can also take a look at our large-scale test facilities to see how to make gasoline from waste.

Look forward to a lot of new knowledge!

22. May 2018 – Manuela Thiel

CampusTag (open days) at the Technical University Mining Academy of Freiberg on 09 June 2018!

Banner with impressions from CampusTag / open days

What will the future hold for me? How can I make a difference and best exploit my potential? Which study programs are on offer, and how long do they take? Are they subject to tuition fees? Where can I meet with supervisors and get in touch with international students? What facilities are on the campus? Do you offer student dormitories?

You can get an answer to all of your many questions at the CampusTag (also known as open days) in Freiberg on 09 June 2018.

Here you are the center of attention!

Discover the university campus with friends and family!

Flyer about the CampusTag / open days on 09 June 2018


Here’s a link to the detailed program (in German language).

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17. May 2018 – Manuela Thiel

Calendar of events 2018

Finally, the time has come:

Our calender of events is out!

Energy turnaround, carbon leakage, renewable electricity generation – what does all this have to do with my region? The answer to this question is the cross-border further education project “Ore Mountains – new landscape, new opportunities”, which will be funded by the European Regional Development Fund until August 2020.

Our event calendar is now onlineCome join us and explore how you can change your future!

We are happy to organize further activities for you at any time, such as e-learning courses or individual lectures in schools, field trips or project days for school classes. Feel free to contact us!

17. April 2018 – Christian Jan Heiner Wolterink

23rd Day of Renewable Energies in Oederan: 28 April 2018!

Under the motto “knowledge is transfered best if practically applied”, operators of alternative energy plants open their doors on 28 April 2018. Interested visitors can get insights into the experiences with the current technology and its manifold possibilities. The focus is on solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, wind or hydroelectric power plants, biogas plants for heat and power generation, wood heating systems, models for rainwater and vegetable oil use, as well as solar architecture and improvements in energy efficiency. Further events, such as trade fairs or discussions, will also take place. This gives interested energy users an impression of the energy technology of the solar age. (Source: https://www.energietag.de/)

Save the date: 28 April 2018
Location: Marketplace in Oederan
Time: from 9 a.m. onwards
More information about the program and exhibitors can be found here (target page in German language).

The Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC) will introduce itself!
We will offer stalls on the subject of energy quizzes, stirling engines, fluidized beds and Segways for the fun of electromobility. In addition, we will show you how much process technology can be found in a beer, and follow that up with a subsequent quality control of craft beer and rape bread.

You will find us in the Enge Gasse (at the church) in Oederan.