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14. August 2018 – Stefan Thiel

Chemical + process engineering? Chemical process engineering!

After getting in touch with the mechanical and thermal side of process engineering in the last two days, it became it bit reactionary: we were introduced to the field of chemical process engineering.

After two days on the campus of TU Freiberg we explored a more exotic part of the city: the area of the old ore mine Reiche Zeche. On the mining hill, that also contains the oldest and worldwide unique educational mining plant, the institute of energy process engineering and chemical engineering – short IEC – is situated.

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14. August 2018 – Katina Krell

Final of school university

After an exciting week at the institutes for process engineering at TU Freiberg we went on a field trip. With the cool designed study advertising bus and another car we drove to Clausnitz to see a biogas plant up close.

We learned how to turn sewage sludge and animal waste into usable energy and that it is not as dirty as you think. In Clausnitz, a courtyard can even heat two apartment buildings.

The biogas is produced in a ripening tank, in which it is always cozy and warm (these are the green domes that you see from time to time in the country). Then it is burned in a large gas engine, the things are as big as marine diesel with 12 cylinders and more. Of course, they are not free-standing, but are housed in a container in the yard. We discoverd that it was also soundproofed when we were allowed to open the door.

Afterwards we also looked at an oil mill and tried different types of hot and cold pressed oil, of which we could also buy some in the farm shop.

After our return to Freiberg, we looked at a laboratory-scale biogas plant at the Institute for Thermodynamics and gave our feedback for the week. Thanks for the great organization and the nice week!

Our conclusion: Study in Freiberg? Sure, of course!

09. August 2018 – Stefan Thiel

Studying process engineering? Totally hot. Schools at university continues…

After some mechanical basics on monday, we students got some insights into the institute of thermal, environmental and resources process engineering (ITUN).

Following the slogan “there is a solution for everything”, we saw some graphic examples from the special field of extraction processes. Afterwards, we were allowed to carry out some experiments by ourselves.

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07. August 2018 – Manuela Thiel

Schools at university 2018 – Let´s get started!

Here we are! Last Monday, schools at university at TU Freiberg started with a week full of technology. 8 students got in touch with some of the challenges a process engineer has to deal with, today and in the future.

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