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26. June 2019 – Lukas Eichinger

Project days June 11-13

Buzz overload at IEC: pupils from a middleschool in Most (CZ) and from the “Lößnitzgymnasium” in Radebeul (D) were here for the project days at our institute. Those project days are part of the Erz2020 project as a special offer funded by the European Regional Developement Fund (EMCF). The pupils got deep insights in the plants and the engineering behind it.

Our colleagues presented the HP-POX and FlexiSlag while having the rare opportunity of enjoying the best view of the city on top of the plants. But the pupils were most impressed by the possibilities of closing the Carbon-Cycle instead of only burning our valuable recources.

After a small lunch-break with traditional Bratwurst some students from the faculty for chemistry and physics made some extraordinary Experiments, as you can see right down below:

  • ©IEC


In a nutshell we can say, that those project days were a complete succcess!  Especially for all the pupils who had the best chance to get to know everything about their possible future studies, the big plants and work behind the studies itself and of course the joint experiences between the german and the czech pupils.