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31. July 2019 – Lukas Eichinger

Schools at university – Day 2

On July 30 the pupils started in the second day of the Tech-Week with a Broad Agenda. During the morning, the Young students made several Experiments on extraction and how to seperate different substances, but also on Agglomeration and bringing substances together to get pills for medical use for example. This was a good example of how divers the applications of process engineering are.

In the afternoon the Experiments continued on Adsorption and using membranes. For the fun in the evening and to explore even the furthest Corners, the employees of the ITUN organised a round of Geocaching for the students.

  • ©ITUN

30. July 2019 – Lukas Eichinger

Schools at university – Day 1

The schools at university program is an offer of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, where pupils can participate to gain an insight into the university and the different fields of study.

Yesterday, on July 29, the Tech-Week started. Here, pupils can discover different fields of technical studies, especially the variations of process engineering. So our first topic was the filtration, not only of apple juice like they did in a little experiment, but also the filtration of metallic melts. After viewing our plants for these type of filtrations, we had a little barbecue behind the technical center and let the evening die away for today.

17. July 2019 – Lukas Eichinger

What’s gonna be our future fuel?

Besides the well established electric fuel option for individual and public transport in the future, a carbon based solution should not be excluded from the agenda. Always following the slogan “CO2 free economy? Of course. Carbon free economy? Not necessary”. Some new ideas of closing the carbon cycle were developed lately, e.g. using plastic waste as a fuel resource or reducing the municipal waste appearence by material usage of the contained carbonaceous chemical compounds.
Our colleague M.Sc. R. Voss explained these new technologies to interested students from different schools in saxony and showed them the huge opportunities we have nowadays regarding the current scientific research topics. The students were amazed by the findings and were very interested in the challenges that we still have to face. Wide spread curiosity within the new generation is the best chance for our future!

©IEC lecture about future fuels

16. July 2019 – Lukas Eichinger

Exploitation of energy resources

An apprenticeship as a mechatronic or electronics technician is a future-oriented career field. Installing a smart power grid, creating intelligent connections of existing energy systems or maintaining Hightech solutions for the combined generation of electricity and chemicals – nothing will work without the Know-how of a electrician.

The current trainees at the vocational training school “Julius Weisbach” in Freiberg had the chance to expand their knowledge regarding not only the current but also the possible future usage of energy resources with a lecture at the IEC on July 5, 2019. The main topics were about the present electricity supply situation and future challenges of the whole power supply management complemented by the question, which ways of energetic and material energetic resource usage will be possible in the near future. A topic of big importance for the would-be electricians regarding the fact, that this will mainly influence their future job perspectives.

©IEC lectures about new concepts how to use energy resources in the future