28. July 2018 – Manuela Thiel

Watch out! The IEC at a saxon secondary school…

Coming soon:

On 13th august the IEC premieres! Florian Keller, an employee of the IEC, an institution of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, will hold the first big, individualized lecture in front of about 100 students to start a hopefully long series of lectures at Saxon or Czech schools.

Topic of the adress:

„Circular Carbon Economy – how can the chemical industry become sustainable?“ Continue reading “Watch out! The IEC at a saxon secondary school…”

25. July 2018 – Stefan Thiel

Electrical and mechanical apprentices for project day at IEC

Using the last day of the year of training 2017/18, the teachers of the apprentices of electricians and mechanics from the BSZ Julius Weisbach surprised their students with a day at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The trip led to the institute of process engineering and chemical engineering (IEC).

Finally some living technology and real perspectives for future work environments.

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19. July 2018 – Manuela Thiel

Process engineering, mechanical engineering, geosciences, … internationally combined at the University Freiberg!

Environmental protection, power generation, material cycles. How can we protect our world and generate a maximum of benefits? The TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF), the Technical University of Prague (VSCHT Prague) and the lignite research institute in Most (VUHU) work internationally as well as interdisciplinary on this topic.

Inform yourself on www.erz2020.cz (german or english version available) about the partners of the TUBAF and their interesting projects.

03. July 2018 – Manuela Thiel

CampusTag 2018 (open house)

On 09.06.2018 the annual open house at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg took place. All interested future students had the opportunity to inform themselves about options for studying in Freiberg. After all, you have the choice between 65 different degree courses and many advantages that the small town offers with its rather large, traditional university.

The IEC was also on site. We were particularly pleased that the pupils from the grammar school in Lovosicé (Czech Republic) accepted our call and, through our continuing education project, embarked on the open exchange on questions and challenges of the future of the energy sector.

  • Big Band of the TU Freiberg
    ©IEC _ Big Band of the TU Freiberg

So 27 students visited us at the CampusTag, then the special exhibition of the city and mining museum of “Silberrausch und Berggeschrey” with impressions of the medieval mining in Saxony and Bohemia, to finally drive into the pit at the Reiche Zeche mine.

The Free Press also found the time to talk to them briefly and so they also found their way into this journal. (Here is the German article.)