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New field trips scheduled!

Our project partners in Most are currently organizing new field trips for pupils and students on the topic of environment and coal.

The energy sources in the countries’ energy mix play an important role in the Czech-Saxon region. The aim of the project is to familiarize pupils and students with this topic and to improve their knowledge in the field of environmental protection.

The following field trips are scheduled:

  • 19 June 2018: Field trip “Recultivated sites of the coal basin around Most” (according to field trip plan II)
  • 20 June 2018: Demonstration project “Environmental measures for the extraction and treatment of brown coal”
  • 26 June 2018: Field trip “Recultivated sites of the coal basin around Most” (according to field trip plan II)

Field trip plan II – recultivated sites of the coal basin around Most

This field trip follows the following route: VÚHU Most – Most lake – Střimice mining heap – Dobrčice – Vršany surface mine – Tušimice surface mine – VÚHU Most.

Střimice mining heap
Střimice mining heap

First of all, the Most lake will be shown. It is the largest water-cultivated area in the Czech Republic, but has yet to be released as a recreational site. The participants of the field trip will be familiarized with the history of the place, with the process of recultivation and with the pedology of the shores. The next stop will be the Střimice mining heap, which is the most important site visited during the trip. Here, pupils and students will learn the methodology and history of the reclamation of the heap, based on the application of bentonite as a reclamation substrate. Individual areas will be visited in which the anthropogenic soil profile around the root area is shown with a prepared soil probe. Furthermore, a small experimental area that is subject to a natural succession of about 45 years, will be inspected. The area consists of originally phytotoxic degradation soil. It also shows typical erosion grooves and rare acid-resistant plants. The next stop will be the reclaimed clay mining site Dobrčice, where pupils and students can learn about the methodology and results of the reclamation as well as the unique geological profile of the excavation wall. At the Tušimice surface mine (DNT), the history and geology of the mine at the Vršany surface mine will be explained. The field trip ends with a visit to the Geology Park with information boards and a viewpoint overlooking the Libouš mine. The intensive reclamation of the northern slopes of the Merkur and Libouš surface mines will be shown to the pupils and students.

Demonstration project – Environmental measures for the extraction and treatment of brown coal

Bílina surface mine
Bílina surface mine

This demonstration project will take place in the form of presentations explaining the state-of-the-art technology of the mining, transportation and exploitation of coal. Individual presentations will show the transfer of state-of-the-art insights into practical implementaion (transshipment points, DPDs, landfills, forklifts, etc.) aimed at reducing environmental dust emissions and protecting the environment in general. Another part of the lectures will include a brief theoretical analysis of the spread of dust and a detailed description of each of the variants used to prevent the spread of dust into the environment (wet and dry methods) from past to present, as well as an assessment of the individual advantages and disadvantages of these measures.

The technical department of the VÚHU “Technological Processes and Diagnostics” will then organize a trip to an active mining industry in the region to demonstrate the use of dust-reducing measures by the operator. Guided tours to the transshipment points, and visits to rotating moisture distributors of the companies Vršanská uhelná and Severočeské doly – Bílina surface mine – will be arranged. These field trips are also part of the weekly internships in the technical departments of the VÚHU.

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