17. April 2018 – Christian Jan Heiner Wolterink Announcements, Event, General

23rd Day of Renewable Energies in Oederan: 28 April 2018!

Under the motto “knowledge is transfered best if practically applied”, operators of alternative energy plants open their doors on 28 April 2018. Interested visitors can get insights into the experiences with the current technology and its manifold possibilities. The focus is on solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, wind or hydroelectric power plants, biogas plants for heat and power generation, wood heating systems, models for rainwater and vegetable oil use, as well as solar architecture and improvements in energy efficiency. Further events, such as trade fairs or discussions, will also take place. This gives interested energy users an impression of the energy technology of the solar age. (Source: https://www.energietag.de/)

Save the date: 28 April 2018
Location: Marketplace in Oederan
Time: from 9 a.m. onwards
More information about the program and exhibitors can be found here (target page in German language).

The Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC) will introduce itself!
We will offer stalls on the subject of energy quizzes, stirling engines, fluidized beds and Segways for the fun of electromobility. In addition, we will show you how much process technology can be found in a beer, and follow that up with a subsequent quality control of craft beer and rape bread.

You will find us in the Enge Gasse (at the church) in Oederan.

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