07. May 2018 – Manuela Thiel Report

Engineer 4.0 – Why leave the field to the men?

Clichés in job selection – What’s it all about?

Once a year, schoolgirls have the opportunity to search for an answer to that question. For this year’s Girls’ Day on 26 April 2018, the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC) invited interested schoolgirls to put themselves and their perspectives to the test with the motto “Engineer 4.0 – Why leave the field to the men?”.

As part of the EU-funded further education project “Ore Mountains – new landscape, new opportunities”, 12 Czech schoolgirls from the College of Chemistry of Meziborí found their way to the IEC and informed themselves on their possible future prospects by studying process engineering. They were able to literally surpass themselves on this day and climbed the 22m high slag bath carburetor on a technical tour to the numerous pilot plants of the institute. After a short break, they learned a lot about electromobility during rapid Segway test drives.

  • Impressions from Girls' Day 2018

In addition to lectures on challenges of the future and occupational fields of female engineers, the schoolgirls took part in workshops and lent a hand with the characterization of activated carbons for environmental protection as well as the research into the principle of the fluidized bed for energy production.

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