28. July 2018 – Manuela Thiel Allgemein, Announcements

Watch out! The IEC at a saxon secondary school…

Coming soon:

On 13th august the IEC premieres! Florian Keller, an employee of the IEC, an institution of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, will hold the first big, individualized lecture in front of about 100 students to start a hopefully long series of lectures at Saxon or Czech schools.

Topic of the adress:

„Circular Carbon Economy – how can the chemical industry become sustainable?“

Main focuses:

  • How does chemistry work in industry?
  • What is the meaning of sustainability? How can we imagine a sustainable chemistry?
  • Practical example: fuels from waste

In addition to the opening of the project week “Sustainability”, we are strongly supporting the secondary school of Dippoldiswalde at organizing their project week. This includes also excursions to the gas turbine heat supply station Nossener Brücke and to the museum of energy of Drewag (public services Dresden), where the students can get in touch with topics related to energy and supply.

Do you also have a project? Then contact me!

We really like to help you (or your school) with words and (even more) deeds. ?

Maybe you want to organize a project together with a czech or german school? Or you’re looking for support for your project week?

Nice idea! We would really like to help you get in touch with contacts, looking to interpreters, get topic related training, help you organize and so on.

We prepare you for the future

Projecthomepage: www.erz2020.cz

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