07. August 2018 – Manuela Thiel Report

Schools at university 2018 – Let´s get started!

Here we are! Last Monday, schools at university at TU Freiberg started with a week full of technology. 8 students got in touch with some of the challenges a process engineer has to deal with, today and in the future.

For this purpose, the four institutes of process engineering of the TU Freiberg teamed up to present the best in their fields.

The institute of mechanical process engineering and process techniques gave a warm welcome to the group of students at the first day together with an overview about some organisational details. After this, the journey started with entering the exciting world of filtration.

The discovery tour through the institute showed both extremes, an amazing pilot plant of moltened metal filtration (to produce high purity metals) and a test rig to explain the principle of pressurized filtration with cloudy apple juice. It became clear to us afterwards – not only the apple juice.

After a labtour through the institute, a textbook example of an engineers tasks at work followed: designing a filter system! A challenge for our engaged student group.

This successful day was completed by a pleasant BBQ to get to know each other and asking questions to the associates of the institutes in a relaxed environment.

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