09. August 2018 – Stefan Thiel Report

Studying process engineering? Totally hot. Schools at university continues…

After some mechanical basics on monday, we students got some insights into the institute of thermal, environmental and resources process engineering (ITUN).

Following the slogan “there is a solution for everything”, we saw some graphic examples from the special field of extraction processes. Afterwards, we were allowed to carry out some experiments by ourselves.

Subsequently, we formed some pellets and Fibreboards from much smaller material by the principle of agglomeration (“going from small to big”). We also got some explanations how to fabricate pills or granulates.

After another tasty lunch in the new Mensa we spent some time on environmental protection and learned, hot to clean water and gases by applying membranes and adsorbents. Straight afterwards we tested out new knowledge in some lab experiments.

Finally, we did some Geo-caching to explore the institute a bit further and found some interesting labs and workplaces.

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